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A cheaters jam pie. Baking with a toddler during lockdown

A cheaters jam pie. Baking with a toddler during lockdown


I am not a very crafty person, but I love cooking. So I was faced with the lockdown reality of having to entertain a toddler indoors for much longer than I used to and I naturally went back to cooking and baking together. I think it ticks lots of boxes (fine motor skills, messy play, counting...) but I am no education expert.

It does work for us very well: Tommi is very concentrated on the jobs, he enjoys it and we all get something yummy to eat out of it. This little sidekick has been my kitchen assistant since he could sit up by himself on the bench of our (ex) kitchen in London. We both need to work on our food styling skills but the results are generally very good!

This was a 'cheaters crostata'. Crostata is a classic Italian shortbread jam pie, and my aunt is just the best at making it. Her recipe is legendary and her pies are inhaled at parties, smuggled into houses, last pieces hidden in cupboards. It's not hard but requires a bit more time and quite some butter (nothing wrong with that!). You can find that recipe here.

This recipe has way less sugar and olive oil instead of butter.

Heat up the oven at 180C. Mix 300gr flour, 1 tbs of sugar, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1 egg, 100ml olive oil and 2 tbs of water.

Knead well with your hands and roll it out with a rolling pin or even with your own hands. Cut at 2/3 of the spreaded dough and spread out with your favorite jam. Use the rest of the dought to create a lattice and decorate. Bake for 30’ at 180C.