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About us

We are Camilla, Peter and Tommaso and this is the travel diary of our gap year as a little family with a toddler. On the 15th of December 2019 we left our London flat, quit our jobs, put our belongings in storage and set off for our great adventure.

Almost 10 years ago Camilla, a biology researcher from Italy, met Peter, a computer scientist from Belgium, in Barcelona. It was few weeks after we met that, chatting over lunch in a café in Barri Gòtic, we somehow realised we'd be good travel buddies. Soon after that we embarked on a road trip to Tunisia which marked the beginning of our adventures together, exploring near and far away places.

The years and travels went by, we moved from Barcelona to London and in August 2017 our Tommi was born. He soon proved to be a great traveller himself while we learned the new and interesting perspective of travelling with a kid. We saw our eyes focusing on new ways of seeing and being in places, heightening our interactions with locals and, whilst surely we had to slow down our pace a notch or two, we never felt we couldn't wander or explore as before.

The dream to go on a gap year as a trio started to feel more and more real; timing was right and in August 2019 the itinerary started to take shape and we bought our first one way ticket – to New Zealand.

It's easy to see, reading our blog, that we like to get to know people and places by eating local food and produce, walking and hiking around cities and rural areas, sampling local coffee, wine and beer. Our travel plans often change and happen on the go, following the advices of locals, friends or fellow travellers.

Welcome on the mooove with us!