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Hello Bangkok! With its heath, bright colours, poignant and sweet smell of street food, smog and tropical flowers. Bangkok marked the beginning of our family adventure.

When planning the trip we decided to try to not take two flights in a row, and Bangkok seemed like a good place to stop for a few days, immerse ourselves in a completely different climate, enjoy delicious Thai food, change view and temperature.

Street vibes in Ari, Bangkok.

We stayed in Ari, following the suggestion of a friend, which is a relaxed neighbourhood in the north of the city, boasting a mixture of local places, street food joints and hip coffee shops. They serve really good, strong coffee, which when suffering from jet lag with a toddler on tow is a lifesaver.

We slept at the Yard hostel, where we had a large nice room with a sweet terrace. It seemed a bit to have our own home, but at the same time the breakfast in the laid back yard on shared tables with young backpackers really got us into the mood of the south-east asia travel, reminding us of when we went backpacking in Thailand as a couple, nearly 9 years ago!

The 'visiting/touristy’ activities were kept quite to the minimum, to give ourselves the time to recover from the plane and the jet lag, and get in the mood of a long travel. We did go to visit Wat Phra Chetuphon, the reclining buddah temple, as we had a good memory of it and thought Tommi would enjoy the giant statue and the sweet huge feet. It did feel more busy than last time we went, but it was a very good outing, followed by a sweet lunch in a nice cafe nearby.

Tommi fell asleep in the carrier while we were walking around, and we miraculously managed to transfer him our laps and enjoy a bit of chill time in a cute local cafe in Thanon Tanao. We then took a stroll in the neighbourhood, where there are many places producing religious artefacts.

The rest of the days passed by hanging out in coffee places, eating delicious local food in Ari (we liked particularly the Ontong Khaosoi and xx place) or in street food stalls and sipping juices, hopping on and off the busy skytrain.

We found out that the remedy to survive a combination of sleep deprivation and south-east asian heath is POOL. So, again following the suggestion of a friend, we made a couple of visits to a very kid friendly cafe in the center, called 'Blue Parrot cafe'. It is definitely not the most 'authentic' place in the city, with nachos and pizzas included in their menu, but their coconuts, the loungers by the pool and huge baskets of toys made it a great place to relax and chill for everybody.

Swimming session at the Blue Parrot cafe in central Bangkok.

Thai people were all very friendly with Tommi. He got smiles and free fruit from strangers in the skytrain, so much that he kept on looking for the 'lady with the mandarines’ each time we’d hop on a train.

The short stay ended up with a flash meeting with an old friend who was also in transit through Bangkok! It was sweet to catch up with couple of beers on our little terrace, while the hours went by and we all knew we had a plane to catch in the early hours of the following day.

Next stop for us: Bali!